Measuring and Laying Lawn Turf

Measuring a Lawn

Measure the area where you plan on laying lawn turf.

Multiply the average width and the average length.

Add 5% extra to allow for trimmings to the edge and wastage.

Laying a Lawn

Ground preparation is vital to the future of your lawn.

Step 1. Remove any existing lawn or weeds. You can do this by spraying the area with a complete weed control product or cut under the grass or weeds and dig it up with a spade. Do not rotavate until 10 days after spraying the weed control.

Step 2. Prepare the soil for turf grass. Ensure the soil is turned over to a depth of 15 cm. You can do this by digging or hiring a rotavator. Ensure the area is free of any debris, stones, and weeds.

Renting a small skip can fit and easily dispose of the these.

Step 3. Rake the ground to a smooth surface. Lightly roll the ground or affirm by foot to reveal any soft areas which then can be raked level. *Tip the wider the rake the easier the job. Ensure the ground is firm but not compact before moving on to the next step.

Step 4. Apply pre-turfing fertiliser according to its instructions.

Step 5. Order your lawn turf. Ensure the previous steps are complete before doing this as most turf is cut fresh to order.

Step 6. Start with the longest straight row, work across the area in a ‘brickwork style’ by staggering the joints. Push the joints slightly together, then stretch them slightly. *Tip do not place small pieces along the edges as these can break, shrink or shrivel.Avoid walking on newly laid lawn. Should you need to gain access via the lawn place boards on top.

Step 7. Water, water, water. Newly laid turf must be watered within half an hour. It needs such a good soaking that the water seeps through to the soil. *Tip turn a corner up to check. Water twice a day or three times a day in hot weather.

Step 8. Mowing. Do not mow until the turf is properly rooted. You can check this by trying to pick up the turf. If it doesn’t move, you’re good to mow. Until your lawn is well established limit mowing to a third of the height. Once established, mow to your desired height.

Step 9. Sit back and enjoy your fresh, new lawn.