Lawn Care Experts Cite Essential Things You Need To Know About Aeration

When maintaining lawns, there are numerous services individuals can opt for. Each service focus on certain things that can make lawns better. So, in case that you are planning to ensure that you have a good and healthy soil, one of the best options lawn care experts recommend is aeration.

What is Aeration?

Aeration is a process that involves perforating the soil with small holes. These holes will allow air, water and nutrients to penetrate the grass roots. As a result, it helps the roots grow deeply and produce a stronger, healthier lawn.

Reasons you need aeration

Heavy traffic

One of the common reasons why homeowners opt for soil aeration is due to heavy traffic. Of course, properties are commonly used as event venues. Not to mention, these areas are also ideal playgrounds of kids. And, there are also cases when cars are parked on these spots. Because of this, soil can be compacted.


During construction, contractors make use of heavy equipment. Other than that, the topsoil of newly constructed lawns is stripped or buried. As a result, the grass established on subsoil has been compacted.

Dries out

Another reasons for individuals to opt for aeration is when the soil dries out easily. This problem is commonly caused by thatch.

Soil layering

Finally, aeration is also ideal in properties that have excessive soil layering. Soil layering is when soil of finer texture, which comes with imported sod, is layered over the existing coarser soil.

Choosing service providers

When choosing providers, it is important for individuals to consider certain factors. Below are some of the following.

Expertise about the service – First and foremost, it is important for individuals to know the expertise of companies with regard to this service. This is imperative since having insufficient knowledge about aeration can easily damage properties and lawns.

Tools – It is also essential for individuals to check tools experts make use of. Of course, to obtain best results, you need to ensure that they have the right tools. Because of this, they can aerate lawns properly and safely.

Other related services – Finally, it is also ideal for individuals to ask service provider about other related services they offer. This is a good idea in order to help you find certain service you need. Not to mention, when opting for more services, some providers offer discounts and other packages which can help you cut down your expenses.

These are only some of the things individuals need to be aware of when planning to opt for aeration services to make lawns healthier and more appealing.

Everything About Installing Landscape Lighting

Without hiring an electrician, a home gardener may buy and install a low-voltage light kit. You will only need simple math, the proper lights for the job, and some design tips. But if the job gets complicated, it is better for you to get expert help.

Types Of Lights To Choose From

Path Lights – These are great addition to any property. It makes your home and garden inviting to visitors, and it is also very important to ensure safety. It is available in different designs so you can definitely find the best design that matches your preference and style. To light things from below, invest in up-lights. This can also be used in order to highlight features like a stone wall or trees. Plants such as bamboo and olive trees can also look very nice if you light them from below. If you want to highlight different features in your garden, consider adding spotlights.

Underwater Lights – This will help make water features and fountains look great. It can even be used in container water gardens. You do not have to purchase expensive lights because affordable lights can work very well. Colored lights are not always best options for landscape; however, they can look good underwater. So if you really want to add color, this is surely the best way of doing so.

Floodlights – Some floodlights have motion sensors that can help ensure safety and security. If you walk outside during the night if the timers have turned off already, you will greatly appreciate the motion sensors that trigger the light.

Solar Lights – These are not always the most reputable for all your landscape lighting needs. It will need direct sun so when there are obstacles that block sunlight, it does not work well. These usually have sensors that can separate from the actual lights in order to let you put the lights were you want them and then put the sensors where they’ll receive the most light. These lights usually are recommended for use underwater. But if you don’t have electricity in your landscape, this surely is a good lighting option for you. This works better during summer that in the fall when there’s less light available.

Tips To Customizing Lighting Design

The best way of properly customizing your landscape lighting design is walking out into your yard during the night and seeing what areas can greatly benefit from lighting. You do not want to place plenty of lights and give it a vague effect. You must highlight certain areas to balance it out. Experts highly emphasized that lighting everything up will just look flat.

Everything You Need To Know About Boxwood Panels

If you also want to get rid of your neighbor’s eye on your door, want to put some greenery outside rather than that boring iron- steel fencing or simply want to hide your moldy walls, boxwood panels are best for you.

Various Uses and Benefits of Boxwood Panels

Not only for fencing these artificial panels can also be used for several other decorative purposes like casual or corporate outdoor events, indoor decoration for natural themed rooms and halls and many more.

These panels are cheap, environmentally friendly, non toxic, gives you feel of real boxwood. In fact, they have many more benefits like

1. They are UV stabilized, that is they lasts long and have negligible effects of UV radiation in spite of being continually exposed to Sun all day long.

2. Relevant for both Indoor and Outdoor use.

3. Easy to install and give results instantly, there is no need to wait for years for growth and looks.

4. These panels can be used on any surface either straight or curved and are fully recyclable.

5. Best suited for wedding venues, restaurants, bars, office buildings, model houses.

Of what they are made of? And how it’s going to work for you?

Boxwood panels are completely made of poly-ethane and are perfect for all weather conditions. In this modern and hectic lifestyle, it is hard to maintain greenery, and give time to those shady areas in the garden where sunlight doesn’t reach properly. With the help of these panels you can easily cover those shady places and maintain greenery where it can’t be bought naturally.

These panels can be cut in any shape to fit in any area. They give you a natural and pleasant look, with maintenance cost that’s nearly negligible. There are many such panels available in the market as well as online.

Things to check on when buying an artificial boxwood plane or hedge

1. The PE (Poly urethane) material used should be of high quality.

2. It should be UV stabilized for long life.

3. The material should be precisely connected.

4. The panel should be easy to bend and cut in preferred shape and size.

5. It should have water inhibitor as well to protect it from water like during the rainy season.

6. It should be long lasting, and require low to negligible maintenance cost.

7. Should be cheap and suited enough for both indoor and outdoor applications.

Boxwood hedges should be loose enough to let the breeze pass through them and at the same time tightly weaved enough to keep the spying eyes out. They should give one a realistic look so as to match up with the real ones. Along with that they should be soft enough to not scratch your hands while installing.

A conclusive eye on what actually Artificial Boxwood hedge are:

Boxwood hedges are the best alternatives, if you are looking for a green backyard, garden or dining room without spending much time in your gardening and saving real panels from UV rays and rain.