Tired of Mowing? Some Plants And Groundcovers You Can Try

Achieving and maintaining a beautiful, healthy lawn and landscape is not easy. It can be very tiring. But know that there are plenty of great-looking plants that you can use as grass substitute.

Roman Chamomile – This will help create a low-maintenance yet pretty lawn that will release an apple fragrance with each step. Once established, it can withstand normal foot traffic. It can spread rapidly in ideal conditions. And they grow best with cool summers.

Creeping Baby’s Breath – This has pink, ruffled blooms during spring. Though heavy foot traffic can damage this perennial, this proves to be among the best choices for edging a path and adding hue to planting bed edges. This needs good drainage for it to thrive very well. To keep it tidy, trim it after flowering.

Creeping Speedwell – This is the best choice if you want to blanket soil in part to full shade. It offers small blued bloom in early summer. It grows at a moderate pace. It also can tolerate some foot traffic.

Black Scallop Bugleweed – This will boast near-black leaves that can efficiently hug the ground. You can use this plant in areas where there is moderate foot traffic. This plant creates a thick mat that will crowd out weeds. Bear in mind though that this will demand good drainage and can spread at a medium rate. To keep debris out of the growing beds, you must rake it regularly. With a string trimmer or mower, you can trim spent blooms.

Hardy Ice Plant – This drought-resistant perennial offers fluorescent-pink blooms all summer. This is the perfect choice for hillside or slope planting since it does not withstand foot traffic. In warmer climates, this perennial is evergreen. You can use it to replace your lawn as an ornamental in areas that with low to no foot traffic.

Snow-In-Summer – This got its name from the blooms that can efficiently blanket plants during late spring to early summer. Its leaves have an eye-catching grey color. It can withstand conditions that kill other plant varieties but cannot withstand heavy foot traffic.

Red Creeping Thyme – This can help transform any lawn area into a scenic view, most especially during summer when its bright reddish blooms appear. This will form a dense mat that can withstand moderate foot traffic. Consider using it around a flagstone patio, around stepping stones, to edge planting areas, or on slopes. To promote well-branched and bushy plants, you must trim it after the flowers fade in midsummer.