Best Climbing Trees

Climbing a tree is synonymous with long summer days and hanging out with friends. You feel like you’re one with nature, you can increase your self control, you can build your gross motor skills, and create critical thinking skills (because where you put your foot or hand next may not be the greatest choice you ever made) and it also gives kids and adults alike a sense of accomplishment. If the tree is especially tall or shaped in a way that makes it hard to climb that sense of accomplishment will be well deserved, but even just climbing a tree to sit in the branches and escape the world for a bit is something a lot of people like to do. So how do you pick the right tree to climb?

Of course you can’t go climbing just any tree. You have to make sure that the trunk is thick and the tree itself is sturdy. It helps as well if that first limb is no more than two feet off of the ground as it gives you something to start with that is an easy first step. Other than that, limbs spaced between twelve and twenty four inches apart up through the trunk makes for a great climber! Some trees that are great to climb include some varieties of maple trees and most varieties of oak, elm and mulberry.

The weeping willow is a beautiful tree that grows between fifty and seventy feet tall and we usually see them near rivers, creeks or marshes, really anywhere there is a nearby water supply. If you are looking to climb trees to then swing out over water or use the sturdy limbs as a diving board or jump off point then the weeping willow is for you! They need a lot of space to grow but they reward you with strong horizontal limbs to easily climb and their canopy is an enveloping mass of green leaves which give plenty of shade and great places to hide all in one.

Alternatively, the Anne E variety of the Crab Apple tree not only looks pretty in the spring when it flowers and the fall when bright red leaves appear, but it also has low branches that make it a perfect choice for climbing.

Whatever tree you choose to climb make sure you have the proper footwear and that you don’t go higher than where you feel comfortable. Above all, have fun!

Why Asphalt Sealcoating And Crack Repairs Are Important Landscaping Investments

When planning to improve properties, more and more individuals plan to create landscapes. Landscapes can easily change the looks of properties. However, to achieve this goal, you need to make sure that you install the best items from designs, plants and other essential landscape structures like pavements.

With regard to pavement, most homeowners make use of asphalt since it can be installed easily. Not to mention, asphalt is cheaper than concrete. Sadly, there are cases when asphalt pavements can be damaged. So, the best option is to look for reliable maintenance services such as sealcoating and crack repairs. With these services, individuals can obtain wonderful features that can benefit them. Below are some of the following.

To improve safety on properties

One of the importance of opting for asphalt sealcoating and crack repairs is to ensure safety. Of course, there comes a time when asphalt may deteriorate or perhaps show cracks due to the extreme weather condition. As a result, these issues can cause injuries to you and your loved ones most especially your kids. By opting for these services, you can ensure that your property is safe to play on.

To protect lawns

Asphalt sealcoating and crack repairs are important to help you protect your lawns. As mentioned above, more and more individuals make use of asphalt as walkways on their lawns due to its price and reliability. However, when these walkways are cracked or damaged, individuals will likely step on lawns which can affect the growth and health of plants. By opting for such services, you can prevent heavy foot traffic on your lawns which can help you grow plants easily and efficiently.

To boost property aesthetics

When opting for asphalt sealcoating and crack repairs, individuals can also boost property aesthetics. In order to make properties appealing, it is imperative to make sure that all items installed on your lawns are in good condition. With this, it can also increase the value of your property which can benefit owners when they plan to sell their property in the future.

To reduce expenses

Finally, sealcoating and crack repairs on asphalt can also help homeowners reduce their expenses. Surely, repairs can be costly, but renovating pathways can be more expensive. Other than that, sealcoating can also help individuals extend the life of the pavement which will allow them to save their money for other important needs.

These are only some of the benefits homeowners can obtain when opting for asphalt sealcoating and crack repair services from reliable landscaping experts.

Solar Lights For The Yard

When you are lighting your backyard the last thing you want to do is to be tripping over extension cords and trying to put lights near an outlet to plug them in. If, however, you went with solar lights you wouldn’t have this issue.

Solar lights take their power from the sun, store it in internal batteries and then shine brightly throughout the dark night. With so many options, you can have solar lights for safety and to beautify your home, all at the same time and all with lower electricity costs while being environmentally friendly. It’s a win win.

If you have steps in the yard you may want to use lights that will illuminate those steps when its dark. This will eliminate feeling around for the steps and reduce accidents. They are pretty accents to your steps too and of course come in a variety of shapes and colours.

Likewise for a pathway. Illuminating it at night takes the guess work out of the equation and allows for a pretty glow besides. Path lights can be low to the ground or can be on sticks to make a pretty accent to the sides of the path itself. They too come in a variety of shapes and colours to be the perfect addition to your landscaping.

Did you know that the flag code suggests that you light your flag at night? Never fear, there is a solar light just for that purpose and now the flag will never look better against the dark sky.

You spend a lot of time and money on your landscaping so why not show it off at night as well? There are many different solar spotlights on the market that will automatically shine on your perfect landscaping or beautiful tree at night. You can also implement landscaping lights into the landscaping itself for accents throughout the year, day or night.

Decks look so festive and summery when they have lights on them. Now you can get solar string lights to give your deck that great light and cozy feel, and they also come in all the popular shapes and colours.

You knew it had to happen and it has, as now you can get Christmas lights that are fully solar powered. No more will you have to figure out the best way to display them while being near a socket to plug them in and gone are the dangerous and unsightly extension cords!

Why You Should Consider Hiring A Qualified Arborist For Tree Removal

Many DIY enthusiasts will attempt to prune and remove trees on their property by themselves; this can be dangerous. Indeed, tree cutting is listed as one of the most dangerous employments, and thousands of accidents – and many deaths – occur every year when unqualified people attempt to work with a tree on their property. A qualified arborist, on the other hand, has a deep and specialized knowledge of individual trees, and how to effectively deal with them. Safety is a part of their training, and their experience in cutting down trees can be invaluable. If you have a tree on your property which you would like to prune back, or remove, this article looks at some of the benefits of hiring an arborist, as well as some of the other services they provide.


A qualified arborist understands each type of tree, and the best methods of working with them. As well as services including the removal of branches which are decaying or interfering with roofs, facades or wires, an arborist can also strengthen the tree by knowing exactly which branches to remove. Allowing more sunlight to hit certain areas of the tree – through the removal of certain branches – can improve the structure and stability of the tree. An arborist can also remove branches to help give a tree a better shape. This type of branch removal can allow the tree to have a better wind resistance factor, which improves safety.


In most cases, the removal of a tree by an arborist is used as a last resort. In cases where the tree is considered to be a harm to surrounding trees, or needs to be removed for a new construction job, the arborist has sufficient training and experience, as well as the correct equipment, to safely remove a tree. Many accidents and damage to property is caused when DIY enthusiasts try to remove the tree stump from the ground. An arborist understands the root systems of different trees, and can safely remove them by applying this information.

Additional Services

Arborists do more than just cut tree branches, or remove trees. Due to their extensive knowledge, they can act as advisors when you are considering a type of tree to plant. They can improve the root growth of young trees by ensuring the root system is properly aerated, and can also help if your tree is diseased, or infected. They can advise and recommend a type of tree for a certain location, for example, which types of trees are suitable to be grown near a property, without the chance of damage occurring to the property from the tree.

A qualified arborist, as part of their on-going training, keeps up to date with all aspects of tree care and maintenance.